Interested in finding new opportunities for growth? The pandemic has expedited the shift to online grocery shopping, on-demand shopping is a relatively new channel for groceries- with time it will only grow like the transformation of bookstores, electrical shops, fashion, and takeaway food. As the cost of online operations fall and models adapt, this is without doubt the future of grocery shopping. However, we are more than just about groceries or FMCG products, the supermarket meets the restaurant. We are the next generation hybrid between groceries and fresh food. Call it Hour Grocers. 

Connect with Customers at a local level, rather than competing on shelves with 10,000s of products, be the best in your category by offering value and strategically curated choice, after all it is a handful of products that account for majority of a specific category- we are data first.  Whether you are an existing retailer with a national supply chain and the ability to supply wholesale or a conglomerate manufacturer, we’d love to hear from you. 

Have an exciting product that could resonate with this new channel? We are always looking for opportunities for upcoming brands to become the next category leaders. Launch your product into our service within days. If we like a product, we will help market profoundly to ensure maximum exposure. Good new products are hard to find, extraordinary products a rarity- so we need to shout about them. So, get in contact to make us part of your special and exciting journey. 

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Hour Fresh

Groceries are one part of our service, prepared food- heat at home or delivered hot is also just as equally important. We are looking to connect with local restaurants, bakeries, eateries, cafes, market stalls, licensed home kitchens and takeaways to bring authentic, healthy, and memorable food experiences. From Street Food to Meaty Mains to Gourmet Desserts to refreshing drinks, lets discuss how we can showcase your amazing culinary skills and bring it to hundreds of others. Rather than getting you to compete against each other, your food will complement each other. So only the tastiest please! Things that supermarkets cannot buy from factories are ideal! Something we can promote on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok allowing users to buy directly would be revolutionary! 

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Currently taking proposals from those based in Folkestone, Dover, Ashford, Canterbury and surrounding areas.