Interested in being part of an exciting concept while also making a healthy long-term investment?

Let’s be real- We know there is a high risk of failure for any new business especially in food retail or ecommerce as it is extremely competitive. Unless we are faster, cheaper, and better, it is difficult to reach the level of traction required to gain a short-term sustainable business model. 

However, with the right level of expertise and experience, nothing is impossible. Surely it cannot be any more difficult to reach the moon than make a bunch of deliveries profitably than existing solutions? We reached the moon decades ago yet receiving groceries within 60 mins is not widely available yet. We have built huge skyscrapers, the fastest cars, the most brilliant electronic devices, yet something mundane as in-store shopping is still the main channel of food retailing. Be part of the biggest change in the most essential part of our lives, food shopping. Universal Fact, anyone breathing oxygen must eat and drink!

We are keen to hear from specialists in consumer products, ecommerce, food retail, restaurant and takeaway food delivery. 

For all investors- Venture Capitalists, Retail Corporates, individual consumer-based investors- please kindly direct your requests to