About Us

There is so much to choose from – driving around and queuing is so yesterday. Press a few buttons, type a few words, and receive delivery at the comfort of your sofa. With some of the lowest delivery fees available for grocery shopping – we haven’t been able to confirm this yet, but logic suggests our delivery service is probably more efficient than you going to the supermarket across town, browsing with 1000s of steps, burning about 3 litres of petrol – which costs more than our delivery charges by the way- in the meantime, you could have us do all that while you catch up on something you love. 

With guaranteed great customer service- we will do our best to impress the strictest people – they will be our most favourite people. We promise no substitutes without your permission, there will be times when we may run out of items but will call to give you a choice of alternatives or a simply no quibble refund. 

We have some great plans for the years ahead – freshly prepared healthy food, gourmet desserts, locally sourced food, or drink and much more. 

Hour Grocers – The future of food shopping.